Terror Isle Escape Rooms in Texas City, TX

Nefarious Offering

A new land, a new life. You and your mates disembark the ship after many weeks of travel. Your vessel is docked for repairs and it’s time for find a job in your new town.

Walking through the village, you see a sign in the window of a tavern that says:

Warm Bodies Needed
Enquire Within

Strange advert for employment but you are unperturbed. After all, work is work.

You and your cohorts enter the Sea Witch.

Tavern work is hard, but not near as grueling as sailing. There are customers stacked deep all day and night and your pockets are filled with coins. You begin to wonder why nobody else has thought to open a tavern in town. There’s enough demand for two or three, in fact. But alas, the Sea Witch is the only game in town. But you don’t think about it too much because there’s always another cup to fill, and another, and another.

In the rare moments when the tavern is quiet, the owner, Madam Liza, recounts local legends of piracy and intrigue. And of murder. She tells the legend of a mysterious voodoo priestess who was so powerful she could control animals and even draw down storms. There is a sketch of this priestess, the great Manman Maxzille, in a frame above the fireplace of the tavern. In fact, Madam Liza says, the Pirate King has the original above the mantel in his own mansion. To look upon her, legend says, is to become one with her spirit.

There are other interesting things pasted to the wall of the tavern: News flyers and Wanted posters, strips of curious local news and interesting memorabilia, buying and selling announcements for properties up and down the street. Old taverns once lively, shuttered overnight under strange circumstances. And one, almost completely hidden by the others, a Missing Persons flyer for one Bartholomew Leman, owner with his wife Liza, of the Sea Witch!

What happened here?

Why is the Sea Witch the only bar in town? What happened to Bartholomew Leman? Does Manman Maxzille still hold this town in her thrall so many years after her disappearance?

Find the clues, solve the puzzles, discover the mystery of Terror Isle’s most terrifying character.You must defeat her before the full moon rises or become one of Maxzille’s undead acolytes forever!

Terror Isle is the Gulf Coast’s premiere haunted house and escape room games serving Houston, Galveston, League City, and surrounding cites in Galveston County. We have the ability to host corporate team building, social events, parties and gatherings. There is no better entertainment venue for new things to do or date nights. Book your next adventure at Terror Isle!

Terror Isle is located at 518 6th St., Texas City, TX 77590